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Usage Policies


Your continued use of Gigatrees indicates your acceptance of all applicable license agreements as listed below.

License Agreements

The Gigatrees applications (gigatrees.exe and gigatrees-cli.exe) are written by Tim Forsythe and are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

Creative Commons License

This license agreement states that you cannot use the Gigatrees applications for any commercial purposes, and that when using them for non-commercial purposes, you may not modify them and that you must provide appropriate attribution. Read the full license agreement for more details. The license agreement applies only to the Gigatrees applications, not to the web pages generated by them. The generated web pages may be subject to other third-party end user agreements (see below).

The Gigatrees applications may also be subject to the following third-party license agreements, also depending on your configuration.

The generated web pages may use any of the following third-party libraries depending on your configuration.

Most of the third party license agreements allow you to use them for any reason as long as you don't hold the licensor liable. There are a few things worth noting: mapping and translation services prohibit redistribution of their data, so please do not share your gigatrees.sqlite database or your auto-translated files with others. Disqus prohibits certain types of comments including copyrighted material, and Developer Express does not allow using their charts in commercial applications unless you pay a license fee. This may restrict you from making your Statistics page available only to paid subscribers. If that is your intention, consult their license agreement first. The Statistics page can be disabled, and the ChartJs plugin can be removed from your configuration to avoid potential license conflicts.

Privacy Policy

Gigatrees may collect anonymous data during processing. None of the information collected is personally identifiable and will only be shared in aggragate form in statistical tables and charts. At no point is any GEDCOM data collected.

The Send Error Reports option allows Gigatrees to send information about critical failures such as crash dumps and processing errors. This information is necessary for troubleshooting application errors that occur when installed.

The Send Anonymous Stats option allows Gigatrees to send other types of anonymous data. Each time the application runs, performance data, including module timing and memory usage, is collected and sent. This information is used in development to optimize future releases. Aggregated GEDCOM tag counts are also collected and are used to discover when new record fields come into use and which record fields are most commonly used. Information on the GEDCOM file itself, such as its GEDCOM version and revision, encoding and character sets, and exporting application are also collected in order to provide better support for particular versions and vendors. Configuration and feature usage state data is also collected in order to understand how the application is being used so that development can procede in the most effective manner.