How Add Missing Location Coordinates

How Add Missing Location Coordinates

Gigatrees uses location to draw the origin and population distribution and to plot markers on the named maps. Gigatrees will perform automated geocoding for any locations found in your file that are missing coordinates. Although the process is easy to setup, it is not uncommon for location descriptions entered from original records to be outdated and therefore not recognized fully by the geocoder. When this happens, the coordinates used may not be entirely accurate pointing to a county seat, for instance, rather than an old township name. When this happens, users can adjust their location description to be more accurate (the Pin It utility can be used to lookup a recognizable location description) and rerun the program, or they can manually enter the correct coordinates into their database into any one of the standard and fields that the GEDCOM standards support. Some genealogy database editors, however, do not provide this capability, so users are left without this means of resolution.

If you find yourself in this situation, Gigatrees supports adding coordinates via Location records to the configuration so that you do not need to edit your original file. Gigatrees supports adding Location records using two GEDCOM extension options: InsertRecords and AppendRecords. The InsertRecord option allows you to add a new logical record to your database by assigning the record a unique id, a record tag (_PLAC), and a value, which in this case is the location description.

"Insert Records - Locations"
Insert Records - Locations

To add the coordinates, you can simply append two record field tags (LATI and LONG) to the newly inserted record id, where the value corresponds to the coordinate value.

"Append Records - Coordinates"
Append Records - Coordinates

Doing this for a large number of locations using the configuration interface can be cumbersome. It is generally easier to manually edit the configuration file to add these entries.

    <InsertRecord> <RecordId> L1 </RecordId> <Tag> _PLAC </Tag> <Value> St. Jean Baptiste Catholic Church, Macon, Hainaut, Belgium </Value> </InsertRecord>
    <InsertRecord> <RecordId> L2 </RecordId> <Tag> _PLAC </Tag> <Value> London, UK </Value> </InsertRecord>
    <AppendRecord> <RecordId> L1 </RecordId> <Tag> LATI </Tag> <Value> 50.6407351 </Value> </AppendRecord>
    <AppendRecord> <RecordId> L1 </RecordId> <Tag> LONG </Tag> <Value> 4.66696    </Value> </AppendRecord>
    <AppendRecord> <RecordId> L2 </RecordId> <Tag> LATI </Tag> <Value> 51.5073219 </Value> </AppendRecord>
    <AppendRecord> <RecordId> L2 </RecordId> <Tag> LONG </Tag> <Value> -0.1276474 </Value> </AppendRecord>
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